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‘DG24 News’ is a Digital News Network based in Mumbai and Nashik. ‘DG24 News’ is the true benchmark of credible journalism and is a complete Digital News Network. We extensively cover news stories from all over India in Multimedia format. We also cover stories related to Lifestyle, Fashion, Social-Viral, Sports, Technology & Gadgets. ‘To provide rich content in a Digital format’ is our motto. We request you to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter handle.

‘DG24 News’ company established by Adv. Yogini Babar Who has vast experience in Marathi Journalism. ‘DG24 News’ has a team of experts in various forms of content and advertising. Not only Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, KDMC but also all over Maharashtra is the key area of company operations. ‘DG24 News’ provide services like online promotions, brochure contents, video films, inhouse events, publicity, printing, hoarding, designs and graphics, celebrity management, video ad making, website designing and translations etc. Our team members have an experience of more than a decade in concerned subject. Our team works round the clock and comes to the aid of customers who may be facing issues. The artists and copy writers we hire are best in the industry. Creativity and customers satisfaction are the things we are crazy for.

For more info please visit on http://dg24.in

‘DG24 News’ ही DIGITAL NEWS NETWORK ची अधिकृत वेबसाईट आहे. या वेबसाईटची कॉपी करणे किंवा साधर्म्य असलेली वेबसाईट चालवणे, हा कायदेशीर गुन्हा आहे.

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