Teach For India celebrates India’s most impactful education organizations

Mumbai : InnovatED, Teach For India’s national platform which incubates its education entrepreneur Alumni, will hold its Launchpad Summit from 24-27 March 2021 at the Ancient School of Wisdom, Devanahalli, Bengaluru. InnovatED is designed to support Alumni early-stage education entrepreneurs that are looking to convert their innovations from a prototype stage to a sustainable organization. The incubator program provides a plethora of resources for edu-preneurs; funding, dedicated coaches, innovation bootcamps, a peer-led community of support, access to the larger ecosystem and a knowledge framework on organisation-building. The 2020 cohort works across multiple areas of education, right from curriculum to empowerment.

About 77% of Teach For India Fellowship’s Alumni continue to work in the social sector with 34% working directly on-ground with children, 31% work in pathways linked to education, 12% work with the government in jobs that impact children and 14% go on to work in the private sector across diverse fields yet staying connected to children and the larger mission. While the Fellows support 32,000 children, Teach For India Alumni are reaching 33 million children across India – that’s 1 in 10 of India’s children.


Entrepreneur bios:

In Bangalore, Shekar Hariharan founded the Shifting Orbits Foundation, which addresses the issue of inter-generational poverty. Most times, poverty is caused by the inability of low-income families to sustain their children’s educational journey and Shifting Orbits Foundation works at a micro level to address this problem.

Catalyst, founded by Ashna Mehta is aimed at improving science instruction in Government and budget private schools in Hyderabad through teacher kits, handbooks, and instruction aids.

Learning Initiatives for India founded by Raman Bahl works on creating voice based academic systems for children in Purkhas Rathi, near Ganaur, Haryana. LII works with 30 families that use these voice lessons every day, ensuring education reaches areas without the internet.

Akshay V, the founder of Edzola works to bridge the technology gap amidst not-for-profits. With surveys to analyse digital literacy, Edzola makes customized reports with recommendations on how to automate processes.

Through Aikaarth Foundation in Hyderabad, Pooja Agarwal works towards providing government and low-income school children access to arts education.

Sai Pramod Bathena’s Alokit empowers educational leaders to create improved school systems and increase student outcomes. Before starting Alokit, Sai worked at India School Leadership Institute where he assisted in setting up their school leadership programme in Telangana.

Sathyanand S’s Aurasky Academy empowers at-risk children to leverage no-code tools and platforms.

Shreya Krishnan, through The Better Design Foundation (TBDF) aims to create equitable development opportunities for the underserved through human-centered design in Bangalore.

Udaan, founded by Sohaib Beg through Udaan envisions building 21st-century skills by developing and partnering with community members using curriculum based on leadership framework in Mumbai.

“Over 7% of our Alumni start their own social impact organisations, a majority of them in education alone. The two year Fellowship builds a deep understanding of education, pedagogy and community in our Fellows and our Entrepreneurs often start solving the problems that they experienced during their own Fellowship. InnovatED helps our Alumni navigate the first tricky years of the entrepreneurship journey, helping them build and grow their organisations. The unique incubation program offers specialised toolkits, opportunities to learn from industry experts, coaching and mentorship, access to the ecosystem and funding support.” – Payoshni Saraf, Alumni Impact Director, Teach For India.

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