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Lion of Maharashtra’s Advocates Cricket

- Adv. Ravi Hirani, President, BMMC Bar Association (Killa Court) Mumbai.

Adv. Ravi Hirani

Cricket is my Religion and Cricketers enjoy a special status in ‘Cricket Crazy’ India. Indian Premier League started in the year 2008 in the format of 20 overs. It is the most watched T-20 tournament and second best paying sporting league globally.

I had played cricket since childhood at School level as well as University level. Once I joined the noble profession of Advocacy and was running around in the bleak corridors of the court, I was happy to have some fun and some sunshine on my back. I expected that cricket amongst lawyers would be ordinary cricket. I was wrong. The lawyers cricket which I experienced turned out to be of a higher level than club cricket in Mumbai. When I represented Bombay Advocates Cricket Association (BACA) from 2001 to 2006 at all India Level, we were champions in 2001 and 2005.

I have played district tournaments in various districts, but I have seen a generous and kind hearted man Mr. Jagdale. I always address him as a lion of Maharashtra Advocates Cricket. He has been organizing district tournaments where we have seen more than 100 teams competing with each other, even we have seen on such occasions when no one is ready to organize district tournament, he is the one who comes forward and organizes district tournaments at his own expense.

Regarding MAPL which was similar to the concept of IPL, we started taking participation in MAPL in 2022. I am proud owner of my team named DEVGIRI EMPERORS in Pune in the year 2022 where my team was 2nd Runner-up, in the year 2023 my team was Champion. I give full credit to my Icon and Captain Shri Arman Shakih for his selection of players and all strategies to win tournament for me. I can say that the organizers in MAPL 2022-23 at Pune Jayraj Goud and Pawan Kulkarni did a wonderful job.

There were Eight teams in last two editions at Pune, they achieved tremendous success. Encouraged by the tremendous response for the MAPL and considering the increased members, our energetic and lion hearted Mr. Jagdale and his committee took decision to conduct the MAPL 2024 at grand scale.
Mr. Jagdale gave a surprise to more than 1000 advocates (cricket lovers) that this year MAPL 2024 will be big and large instead of Eight teams, it will be of Sixteen teams. More than 550 advocates submitted their entry forms and grand auction was held at EXPRESS INN Hotel with live coverage on Youtube and proper arrangements were made to accommodate sixteen team owners with their icon player as well as two supporters and the auction was a grand success. Again, this is another indication of the popularity of advocate cricket in Maharashtra and the cricketers who represent their teams.

Every sport has its own rules and regulations. Particular match would be completed successfully with fairness when it strictly follows rules and regulations of that sport. Umpire in every game plays crucial role, he gives every decision according with the rules and regulations of that particular sport.
Therefore sports being activity in which rules of that particular sports are very important. For this Mr. Jagdale has always ensured for fair umpires as he has been using the services of said fair umpires during district tournaments.

If I name everybody who has assisted or helped us in arrangements for the tournament, the space of whole souvenir would be covered by it. All know that without the financial support such task is impossible. I thank all the donors who have generously donated for the tournament as well as the institutes. Let’s play cricket, keep up the spirit of the game and sportsmanship and continue the same in our legal profession too. Once again I salute the lion hearted Mr. Jagdale to organize such a beautiful tournament and I feel lucky to be part of said tournament. Good Luck to all.

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